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Located in the Gulf of Tigullio just over 20 minutes from Genoa, it offers a first-class tourist port, yacht club, sailing and diving school, minigolf, park with magical games for kids, night clubs and discos; an 18-hole golf course and riding school is only 4 km away. Santa Margherita Ligure is nestled in an enchanting inlet of the Gulf of Tigullio protected from winds, the only access road to the stunning promontory of Portofino. Many people visit it during winter due to its very mild climate and from May to October it is very popular with sun lovers, attracted by its beautiful beaches and small coves among the rocks, by its many exclusive and refined hotels of all classes, restaurants, pizzerias, elegant boutiques and the most amazing shopping experience at the characteristic Friday market.


Portofino is an ancient fishing village that can be reached by bus or car in about fifteen minutes from Santa Margherita Ligure via a magnificent coastal road, considered today as one of the most beautiful in the world. The village is built around a natural harbour which retains its typical ancient characteristics. Portofino is a seaside village where nature and the high life come together: in fact, is it a favourite destination for celebrities who mingle with tourists in the beautiful and exclusive piazzetta. Visitors can take a tour of the small harbour to look at the most luxurious boats, visit the Church of San Giorgio, the museum in the Brown Castle and the sailors’ lighthouse at Punta del Capo. Portofino is not only a place for the rich and famous, but it is the centre of the Protected Natural Park, with its walking trails, old mill, Mediterranean scrub, and deep seabeds.

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Park of Portofino

The Park of Portofino covers an area of about 1200 hectares in the municipalities of Recco, Camogli, Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo, Zoagli, and Chiavari. The Park represents all of Liguria’s morphological features, with rugged slopes, a nature that has evolved alongside the constant work of man, who has been able to cultivate the land with vineyards, chestnut groves and olive groves. A great variety of environments alternate from the coast to the hinterland. On the northern slope there are woods of black hornbeam, ash, chestnut, hazelnut, and opium maple trees, while on the southern slope there is a thick Mediterranean scrub with a prevalence of heather, strawberry, mastic, myrtle, pine and holm oak forests, garrigue, grasslands of ampelodesmos and aquiline fern. RAPALLO


Rapallo is a small town 5 km away. Its picturesque and colourful centre never fails to enchant tourists in search of excellent food and wine, culture and first-rate bathing establishments. Near the centre, perhaps in the shadow of the 16th-century Castello Sul Mare (Castle on the Sea), it is easy to be seduced by the beautiful Art Nouveau style Music Kiosk, by the monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus adjacent to the harbour, or the striking Hannibal bridge in pure Romanesque style. Rapallo also gives visitors the opportunity to admire its medieval towers, the most important of which is undoubtedly the Civic Tower, and various religious monuments such as the church of St. Francis of Assisi and the Sanctuary of Montallegro, which can be reached in about ten minutes via the cable car with magnificent views of the area.
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Cinque Terre

Reachable by train, boat or car in less than one hour, these “terre” (lands) form one of the most pristine and extensive Mediterranean areas in Liguria, a kingdom of nature and wild scents, preserved as it was in the past. Visiting the Cinque Terre means visiting five villages suspended between sea and land, clinging to sheer cliffs and surrounded by green hills; it means learning about the history of those who for centuries have struggled with a difficult territory, but it also means tasting the fruits of this millenary toil in the characteristic wines and food products. It means learning about the culture of dry stone walls and vineyards, of fishermen and their nets, of steep valleys and their trails. Those who come to the Cinque Terre can choose between a dip in the sea or a climb in the hills, between a walk along the carruggi (narrow streets) or a boat trip, a pilgrimage to a sanctuary or a seafood lunch. This unique landscape was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where people and nature have always coexisted in extraordinary harmony. See also


Visiting the Aquarium of Genoa is like taking an exciting journey through the immensity of the sea. A unique experience to discover a universe rich in life, curious forms and strange creatures. Seals, dolphins, penguins, sharks, and fish of all shapes and colours will accompany you along the way as you discover the marine world. The Aquarium of Genoa can be reached by train, boat or car in less than one hour. See also:
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